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TraCC Regional Transport Plan (RTP) Public Consultation October 2008

During October 2008, TraCC carried out a public consultation on its draft Regional Transport Plan (RTP).  We are very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to respond.

2,353 completed questionnaires were received back from members of the public along with a large number of letters, emails and telephone calls with further very useful comments and suggestions.  Receipt of more detailed comments has been acknowledged.

The improvements that most respondents would like to see are more and better passenger transport services and improving county and Welsh Assembly Trunk Roads (e.g. to make them safer and to allow traffic to flow better).

Through its RTP TraCC is able to bid to the Welsh Assembly Government for  Capital money to improve county roads but the Welsh Assembly Government will need to provide more Capital money to improve their own Trunk Roads and more Revenue money to local authorities and train operators so that they can run more buses, trains and community transport.

Having submitted a further draft ('Provisional') RTP to the Welsh Assembly Government in December 2008, TraCC is now working with stakeholders to make sure that the comments and suggestions made during the consultation in October 2008 are included in the final version of the RTP which will be submitted to the Welsh Assembly Government in September 2009.

We are inviting comments on the current draft ('Provisional') RTP but please bear in mind that because of the tight deadlines we were given, some of the useful things that you/ your organisation may have said in October 2008 will not yet have appeared in the current draft.

TRACC Questionaire Responses

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