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Travel Plans

What is a travel plan?

With more cars on the road than ever before congestion is on the increase.  The main contributors are parents taking their children to school and commuters travelling to and from the workplace.

Travel Plans are becoming increasingly important to reduce the impact traffic is having on public transport, the road system, local community and other road users.

Work Place Travel Plans

A workplace travel plan is a series of suggestions aimed at encouraging employees to travel to and from work and conduct business using alternative modes of transport. 

Travel plans are increasingly taken into consideration with many new developments as part of the planning regulations.  The travel plans provide the developers and organisations an opportunity to display how they intend to minimise the impact their staff, business travel and visitors will have on the existing road network.

Workplace travel plans offer many benefits including:

Benefits to the organisation-
- Transport and business mileage costs reduced.
- Staff recruitment and retention benefits by offering a better employment package
- Builds better working environment between decision-makers and local community.

Benefits for staff
- improved general health and attitude through walking and cycling.
- Possible time and cost savings.
- A greater balance between work and home commitments.
- Improved road safety
- Wider range of travel choice and alternative ways of working.

Benefits to the community
- Possible improvement of public transport previsions.
- Fewer non-residents parking in residential areas
- Improved air quality
- A reduced amount of noise and dirt.
- Better road safety
- Reduction in traffic congestion

For more information about setting up a travel plan at your workplace, please contact the Travel Plan Co-ordinator ( / 01970 633900).

School Travel Plans

Walking to school is still a popular form of transport but over the past 30 years numbers have been declining. Research indicate that journeys to school made by car contribute for 20% of peak hour traffic and are often for less than one mile.

A school travel plan are designed to reduce the number cars transporting children to school through a collection of measures.

The main focus of a school travel plan are to-
- reduce accidents and danger on the journey to school
- encourage parents and children to choose walking, cycling, public transport as their mode of transport.
- Better their health and fitness through walking and cycling
- Reduce congestion at the school gate.
- Familiarise children with public transport and provide children with better road awareness.

Benefits to pupils
- Studies show that pupils who walk or cycle to school arrive more alert.
- Encourages pupils to develop their independence and confidence.
- Walking and cycling increases their level of fitness.
-  Improve road safety